GoPro Projects relies on our excessive experience and knowledge in the Exhibition area to give advice on, and to produce the best workable structure, to portray and capture our valued customers Corporate Identity, and to showcase their product on the most effective way for their exhibition.

Custom Build Designer Stands

Custom Build Designer Stands are the most effective way to make your brand stand out above the rest, to be noticed and to be visible on a busy, or any exhibition. The design of the stand, the way the product is showcased and the way your brand is presented, are the most effective ways to lure visitors, existing clients and potential new clients to your stand.

The initial financial outlay on a custom build stand will be higher that other exhibition stand offerings, but this investment enables you to make use of the same structure for future exhibitions you may participate in. As you own the structure, the stand can be refurbished and rebuild to its original state, which means the financial outlay for the follow up show will be substantially less than the original investment. As your stand size and orientation of the stand may differ from show to show, elements of the owned structure could also be used on a new design, within limits.

System Designer Stands

System Designer Stand is a more cost effective way of having a presence on an exhibition. Even though there are limits to the design and extravagance, System Stands are a very effective way to portray your brand, and to showcase your product on an exhibition.

The modular nature on System Designer Stands, and the ease of assembly, enables us to erect the structure in a much shorter period of time during build-up, which in turn generates more time for our clients to prepare for the opening of the show. System Design Stands and Shell Scheme Stands can also be cladded to give it a more custom look and feel.

System Stands are a rental option, but custom build elements can be introduced to the design for future use.